Monthly Plan – September

Before I can achieve anything resembling my overall goal I need to break things down into smaller chunks. Even before I figure out the nitty gritty of the things like net worth statements or cash flow statements I know that I need to set some basic goals for myself. So each month I will set myself a series of goals and at the end of the month I’ll give myself an assessment (the nice thing is the money doesn’t lie).

The Goals:

  • No Credit Card usage.
  • Pay $550 onto my Credit Cards (Thus decreasing my debt a bit)
  • Deposit $125 into my Mutual Funds
  • Figure out where my Locked in Pension funds are and what control over them I have (longer term detail that needs to be addressed)
  • Come up with a quarterly goal.

The goals should not be too challenging and I wanted to start the monthly goals with something that I believe is achievable without killing myself. As I learn more and cut down on the debt I’m sure I’ll be able to put more money into investments but in the here and now for this month I will keep it simple. I can pay my bills, but I want to get past paying the minimums and spending everything else or worse spending more than I made. This is to build my own confidence in my ability to accomplish sections of the larger goal.

Now for the details for later audit at the end of the

Current Credit Card Debt (as of writing this): $9496.97
-This only includes credit cards

Wish me luck and there will be an update on Oct 1st to see how I did.

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