The Importance of Goals

I’ve been writing lately about my thoughts and the things that I’ve been when it comes to debt and what I’m doing to help realize where my money is going. But if I didn’t have goals there would be no point to doing this. My goal to have more than a million dollars in liquid assets is a very lofty one but I think I can achieve it and I’m making plans to get there. I’m starting making adjustments in my spending to start getting out of debt and I’m starting to look into opportunities.

I’m hesitant to give details because the partnership I’ve got with a friend of mine is still in the very early stages but we are planning to make an investment and open a fly by night operation over Christmas. Now this isn’t the type of fly by night operation where we’re offloading garbage. We’ve got a potential Christmas product that we’re looking to sell through December locally. The investment from my point of view will be limited but the returns will be decent. I’m thinking the outlay of cash will be close to 5000 but the returns could be close to 7-10,000. If this is the case I’ve turned my money and grown it 100% if not more. But thankfully if it fails it’s a relatively small set back.

The reason I mention this is because I have a goal and not only am I trying to save money to get out debt and have the ability to invest in opportunities I’m going to take the risk and get try achieving something that will potentially bring me closer to my goal. Goals are an important part of getting to where you’re going, without them you may make plans but without a destination you really don’t know were you’re going.

I can quote numerous sources that expound on this but that would be time consuming and redundant. We’ve all seen the power of goals; we just need to look around us. Michael Jordan had a goal, look where he got.

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