A reminder of what I’m trying to achieve

Over the weekend I had a very nice reminder of the purpose of this site and of my overall goal to have a million in liquid assets by the time I hit 35. The reminder was a very simple one in that I got to see some of the things that I want in life. My fiancé and I went sailing this weekend on my little rinky-dink boat and while we were at the marina we got to talking to a couple who was wrapping their boat up for the winter. They just brought it in last weekend and they were describing their summer, they spent 181 days on the boat this year. Not that they used it often, they lived on their boat. They continued to describe their winter activities (Skiing from November to April), which made me appreciate my goal that much more. These people had the freedom to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. I don’t know what they did for a living but they did not look old enough to be retired so I have to assume that they worked to achieve their dream lives and were living them.

I want to have the freedom to do what I want when I want to (within reason of course) and my goal is to that end.

I got a second reminder the following morning as we were motoring around. I have always wanted a cottage but the cottages that I can afford are not what I’ve always envisioned myself having. The cottages that we went by were gorgeous! I want one. This was a very visual reminder to keep at my goals and to keep seeing myself in them. I think I enjoyed this weekend more than I have many this summer because it gave me hope, it let me see what I want to get to, and it made me less apprehensive about the fact that I’m swimming in debt at the moment. The debt is surmountable but without the visual elements my goal is a number on a piece of paper that can hold little meaning unless I give it one. This weekend I gave it more meaning.

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