I’ve been writing about how I’ve been trying to cut down on things such as going out in an effort to get out of debt. But what I haven’t really been putting into the posts that I’m taking all of this in moderation. I will buy in bulk from Costco and brown bag my lunch as often as possible but I will still spend money on the things I’m trying to cut back on.

I identified that I spend a fair bit of money on alcohol, instead of trying to cut it out entirely I merely cut back a bit. Do I still have wine with dinner? Of course but I won’t have it with dinner as often as I used to. For me moderation is the key, I don’t want to deprive myself of having fun and enjoying life, I want to have a good sense of why I’m spending my money the way I am and ensure that I’m not spending money I really don’t have.

Moderation has always seemed like negative word where you’re cutting back on something because it’s bad but in my case moderation is a vehicle to reduce some of the spending that belongs in the want category rather than the need one. I want to reduce where I’m hemorrhaging money but I don’t want to stop enjoying my life entirely.

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