Picking and choosing your spending

This weekend I was surprisingly good; we (fiancé and I) went to the mall to do some shopping. I’ve never minded going shopping with people even when I don’t have a lot of free spending cash. To top this off I needed to get a haircut anyways so I used this as an excuse to keep myself out of the stores for at least a bit. The end result is I didn’t spend money on anything! I didn’t even look at anything just to make sure I didn’t put myself into a situation of looking at something wanting it but knowing I really didn’t need it nor could I afford it.

Ever since I started my goal I’ve been making an effort not to spend money when I didn’t need to and tracking my money so I know where I spend it. It’s helped out a lot and last pay I was able to spend almost $200 less than I got paid. This pay I’ve got a hockey season to pay for so that number is going to be less but the effort will be there. Picking and choosing your battles is the lesson I’ve learnt over the past couple weeks when it comes to spending. I could have passed on hockey but I really enjoy it and it would bug me if I didn’t play, but I didn’t need any clothes or gizmos from the mall so I didn’t spend there. If I’m able to keep picking and choosing where I spend money I think I’ll be able to keep moderation in the picture and pay down the debt a bit more.

Once you know where your money goes I find that picking and choosing your non-essential spending becomes easier in that you can keep spending on the things that are important to you but cut back on the things that are unnecessary.

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