I have been trying to cut back on my debt for a while and it’s been slow going for a long time. At the beginning of this month I started this site up and I’ve been making it a point to be considerably more frugal than I’m used to. It’s been a challenge to say the very least. Brown bagging it to work has been happening maybe 60%, which is better than nothing. I haven’t bought myself anything, with the exception of one Stephen Covey book, which classifies more as an investment.

So what have I gathered from this? You really need to have perseverance to keep your spending down. Our society has conditioned people in such a fashion that our first response to most things is to take out the debit or credit card and buy something. I’m also not being completely frugal, I’m just cutting back on my spending significantly not completely, and yet even I am having some difficulty not going and spending money.

For those of you reading this in debt, saving and getting rid of your debt will require effort, it’s achievable; so don’t listen to the desire to spend money like crazy. You don’t need to spend money, at least not all the time. Use the small little cut backs and put them towards your debt; you’ll start noticing a difference (as long as you don’t use your credit) and don’t stop, perseverance is the key.

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