A delay – Helps keep things in perspective

Often times we find that we are delayed by something or another. Most of the time these delays are something that shouldn’t have happened, for example running late because we couldn’t find that shirt we really like. Other times we’re late because of things beyond our control and anyone who drives in traffic on a regular basis will know there is little that can be done about a delay.

So why do I say that it helps keep things in perspective? Well when we are inevitably delayed in our lives we are forced into a sense of urgency if we take a step back and realize the items that are important. For example if we’re running a bit late to the office this can but usually isn’t something that is very important. But when we’re running late to pick up our children it becomes much more important (I’m basing this on what I’ve seen since I don’t have any yet).

Which leads me to a question, we’re delayed all our lives yet when it comes to our personal finances why is it that we delay on purpose? I’ll be the first to admit that I have done this in the past, but when we take that same step back to get perspective we should see the importance of getting our financial lives in order. My delay in posting this morning was inevitable and unfortunately unimportant to me but it was something that needed to be done if I wanted to remain employed. My apologies.

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