Saving Tip Series – Your Neighborhood Library

I had this idea to post up a saving tip a day for a couple weeks and there’s never a time better than the present to enact on something. Every dollar that you save is a dollar that you can use to pay down debt or better yet invest.

So here goes: Today’s saving tip is instead of going to buy books from the bookstores you can make use of your local library. I know it’s not always easy to make it out to your local library to get the reading materials you’re looking for but just going out and spending the money is often times unnecessary. Most libraries are now online and you can reserve the books that you want making your trip to the library much more worthwhile.

Another thing that I always overlooked when it came to libraries is magazines and periodicals. These can be ridiculously expensive when you don’t have a subscription and most libraries have dozens sometimes hundreds of subscriptions. You can easily get caught up on the current issues of Business 2.0 or Forbes without paying the $5 per issue.

A library can save you hundreds of dollars a year if you regularly buy books and magazines, potentially more if you’re a voracious reader and you don’t know what books you might just stumble on when you’re there.

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