Saving Tip Series – Don’t buy brand names

When it comes to grocery shopping you have some choices that you can make to save yourself some money. Aside from the obvious of only buying the items that you need rather than what you would like you can choose to buy the store brand or no name brands. When it comes to the majority of the products out there, there exists a non branded version that is if not exactly the same as the branded version is almost the same. What’s the difference? The price.
The price differential on say no name macaroni and cheese compared to Kraft Dinner is maybe 50 cents. If you start adding up these small fractional differences you can very quickly add up to dozens of dollars per week for your shopping. If you manage to save $10 per week that adds up to $520 dollars a year. But being realistic you can save a lot more than that if you try.
There is no reason to pay for the advertising and branding costs of the major companies. This doesn’t only apply to food but to almost everything (with a few exceptions).

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