Wedding Planning

For those of you who are thinking about wedding planning, it’s stressful! We’ve started going through some of the money aspects of our wedding and the costs are staggering. We aren’t planning a large wedding but all of the things that need to be done and made sure of long before the wedding is due is daunting. And yes we’re still at the early planning stages.

I now understand why some people stay engaged for as long as they do; the cost of the wedding. We’re still in the ballpark estimate where we’re not really certain how much certain things will cost and we’re already in the $12,000 range. Neither my fiancé or I have ever spend that much money on a single day. It’s a bit frightening.

But we will persevere and the wedding will go off the way she wants it too.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning”

  1. oh man! i heard about the wedding process and it’s not an easy thing from what i hear. good luck!! it is very expensive for just one day of smiles! but good luck…

  2. Thanks! We’re not having a huge wedding thankfully so it won’t be excessively expensive. And it’s not just the smiles, but also the memories and they are worth the price.

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