An Unexpected Expense.

Every month I set a goal for myself and for the most part I expect some minor things to come up here and there when it comes to the goals. Unexpected expenses always come up; sometimes you have a choice when it comes to the expense; other times you don’t. Today is one of those days where I will be spending money that I hadn’t originally accounted for. I’m having the car tuned up.

The important question is why wasn’t this a planned expense? Well to be honest I was hoping that I could hold out until December, but the car was starting to make noises and misbehave. It wasn’t so much that something was broken or wrong rather than I just felt the quality of the drive was going down. I decided that a preemptive strike on the work would be better than waiting.

This unexpected expense is going to set me back close to $500, I’ll know better when I pick the car up, but it’s a necessary expense. This is why I’m happy that I have some money to work with in the form of an emergency fund incase I end up needing the money. Since starting this blog I’ve been much more conscious of the fact that having extra money on hand or available is a necessity.

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3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Expense.”

  1. Ugh, I feel you man…I had to replace front brakes/rotors on my car last month. Totally threw me off. But you’re right these things happen, and the only way to battle them is to be prepared.

  2. To be honest with you I’m not looking forward to picking the car up at the end of the day because I know there’s something wrong with one of the struts. I asked them to see what it is… I fear it might be bad news.

  3. That’s tough. I’ve started to budget certain things into an account that cover those expected, yet not, car repairs and things. I figure a little bit every month adds up and then I don’t have to go into my main savings, or hurt my budget over it.

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