Not Buying It

I’ve started reading Not Buying It:My Year Without Shopping and I have to say although I’m only a few chapters in I’m really enjoying the book. I like how a lot of the ideas are placed within the context of life. It’s also gotten me thinking about the sheer volume of consumerism that I partake in myself. Now before I start advocating a simplistic frugal lifestyle that includes spending virtually no money, we spend so much money on things that we don’t really need let alone want. I have been cutting down significantly on my spending and I don’t actually remember the last time that I got myself something for the sake of just buying it (I think it was in the summer).

In the process of putting up this site and starting to get a better handle on my financial life I’ve been reading books on the topic and learning loads from other bloggers. I’m starting to understand that I am in control of my spending, no matter how much advertisers will try to convince me otherwise. With that said I’m still not doing everything that I could to save more money and get to the more interesting side of what this site was dedicated to; investing. But this is a learning process and I like the fact that some of the books that I’m reading and some of the sites I frequent don’t miss this point.

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