Christmas is Looming

Over at NCNBlog there was an interesting post about Christmas gift giving which got me to thinking. Normally I don’t plan for Christmas in any way shape or form and what happens? Well I spend a small fortune on buying gifts for my fiancĂ©, family and friends. I’m hoping that this year will be a bit better.

I love some of the suggestions that NCN has given; I think I’m definitely going to take some of the suggestions especially when it comes to the grandparents. I’ve always been stumped by them (parents as well but not nearly as badly). Buying things for the fiancĂ© and my friends is a lot easier than family but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

A couple things that we’ve done in the past to decrease the amount of spending is to do a Kris Kringle – drawing a single name out of a hat instead of buying gifts for everyone. This just makes it that much easier and that much cheaper. I guess just starting to think about the whole Christmas thing a bit early might decrease the cost a bit rather than scrambling to get a bunch of gifts the week before.

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