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Living in Canada I have to say that there is one thing that the Canadian government did during my lifetime that has irked me the most. Surprisingly it’s not raising taxes on a regular basis. It’s getting rid of the $1 bill and then getting rid of the $2 bill. Granted the two didn’t really need to be there but changing the $1 bill for a coin is something that literally buts holes in my pants. I have grown to hate change so much that each day when I get home from work I just drop it all into a big jar. The change in my pants pockets now weighs so much but can actually be worth a significant amount.

I know that it would cost the government more money to keep the $1 bill in circulation but I would rather have a fat wallet full of 1’s than have a pocket full of change rattling around wearing out my pockets. This is just one person’s opinion here but one of the things I always looked forward to when visiting the US was the fact that the money in my wallet had some substance even if it didn’t actually add up to a great deal.

So now that the US mint is trying yet another approach to getting rid of the $1 bill I urge all Americans to keep the bill!

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