Black Friday and Consumerism.

Its funny but this year is the first year ever that I’ve heard the term Black Friday and not only that its being publicized in the media as much as it a breaking news story. I’ve known for a long time that in the US the Friday after thanksgiving is recognized as the ‘official’ beginning of the Christmas shopping season. But when did it get a name? Why is it such a big deal?

Well I’m not going to be daft here; it’s a big shopping day kind of like Boxing Day in Canada (and I’m assuming the US as well). It makes sense for retailers to try pumping the consumer crazy public for as much as possible. On the consumers side this is a day that they can get significant savings and start their Christmas shopping. It makes sense and both sides win.

But why all the media hoopla?

It makes perfect sense for retailers to advertise but why is this such a big news story? Does this mean that there is nothing of equivalent proportion happening in the world? I highly doubt that; maybe I’m being particularly sensitive to hyper consumerism because I’m trying to save money and I’m reading Not Buying It:My Year Without Shopping. Regardless it just seems so excessive then again the continuing consumerism around holidays has been catching me off guard for a few years now. On Halloween Christmas displays and lights go up pretty soon it’ll be a constant state of gift giving and spending of money.

I think that my becoming more aware of my monetary situation and financial responsibility has really put the Want vs Need when it comes to spending money into perspective. I no longer need to spend money for the sake of spending money which is something that I’m finding to be a eye opener. The plasticity of our world is amazing and the references to this in popular culture are that much more prevalent to me now.

But where are we going? I don’t know but if I can better understand the crazy consumer society we live in maybe I’ll find my own way of making some money off of it.

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3 thoughts on “Black Friday and Consumerism.”

  1. It may sound funny but building my own blog and making it work (as a business) helped me understand how things work in the big world.

  2. I had the same questions! Sometimes I can’t help but get swept in it also… I had my own take on it today when i wrote about it and tried to explain why it’s a big deal to some but not me. Also I love your site format. 😉

  3. Thanks, for the compliment. I’ve always been susprised by the consumerism of our world. And even more surprised by my own consumerism.

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