An Interesting Take on Donald Trump

Today I read an interesting article by Robert Kiyosaki on his Yahoo! column, the article was very clearly a plug for his latest book(Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message – Amazon Link) but you can’t fault an author for wanting their book to succeed. The interesting part for me was that Robert gave his take on what working with Donald Trump was like. It painted a very humbling picture of Robert Kiyosaki and showed that even someone who is successful in the business world can take pause and learn from someone more successful.

The nice thing about the article was reading how one person I admire (Robert Kiyosaki) interacted with another one (The Donald). What I also liked was the fact that it made Donald Trump seem like a real person instead of the iconic figure he’s often portrayed as.

So what about the book? I’m waiting for my turn from the Library and then I’ll post my review of it.

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One thought on “An Interesting Take on Donald Trump”

  1. I did not care for this book. It seems like Donald is finding another way to make money, I guess partly because his books in the past did not do as well as Kiyosaki.

    It seems to be Robert book and Trump is just on the cover

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