The Coin Jar – Found Money

Personally I hate change, since I was a kid growing up in Canada the government has gotten rid of $1 and $2 bills which have been replaced by coins that are larger than a quarter depending on their value. These coins are worth a fair bit but they’re also heavy which translates to a pocket full of change that is worth a fair bit and is heavy. So what do I do with all this change? Well I drop it into a change jar and then promptly forget its there. Every so often I need to move my little change jar only to realize that it’s gotten very heavy. At this point I’ll take some time and roll the coins which will often amount to a decent amount of money.

I did just this last week and I have close to $350 in rolled coins sitting in a bag at home. When the dollar figure adds up to a sum like that it’s a significant amount that you can do something with. In my particular case I’m going to turn this roll of coins into Christmas shopping money, taking the stress off myself a off my planning when it comes to the Christmas.

The thing that really caught me off guard is the fact that all my coins amounted to $350 which lead me to thinking that I could use this method to save up an emergency fund.

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