The big salary drop

If you ask most people they’ll tell you that you’ve gone crazy if you tell them you’re about to take a very serious cut in salary to take on a new job. But I’m doing just that. I’ve got a job lined up that I’m going to be starting in January and for this privilege I will be taking close to a 33% cut in my salary. I know it sounds absolutely crazy even to me. But there is a bonus associated with this that could seriously reduce the impact of this move about this time next year.

So why do it you ask? Well the choice is pretty simple I walk into a position that is significantly more senior that the one I’m in and I’ll be challenged on a daily basis. The challenges are going to make me use my brain rather than try to defend something I was asked to do. I do not like my job, I do not like the idea of spending 2 hours in the car every day getting to and from my job, and I don’t like the fact that it’s costing me close to $10K per year for the privilege of driving to a job I don’t like.

The car by itself doesn’t make it worth it but the mental anguish of doing a job I don’t like, that’s virtually priceless. So the decision was simple. Now to plan for it! I’ve arranged that I start in January which will give me a couple more pays at the higher value which will let me get ready for the big drop of money coming in. Over the next month or so I have to save as much as humanly possible in an effort to ensure nothing gets lost in the cracks so to say. Its time to drop the consumerism bit and start the saver bit. Alas Christmas won’t be a generous time for me!

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