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Next summer my finance and I are getting married, we’re both very excited about this but it’s also very stressful because of all the work and planning that goes into this. We started off by pulling together a ballpark budget and now that we’re getting down to more of the details we’re at the point where we can pull together a full blown budget. We’re going with a very small wedding (hopefully under 50 people total) but we still need to plan for it and be ready.

The biggest issue that we’re facing right now is the fact that I’m taking a pretty big pay cut and it’ll be harder to actually save money. I’ve got a few things in mind to actually save up more money: first off it’s time to sell some of the junk I’ve accumulated over the years on eBay. All proceeds will go towards the wedding. Secondly I’m starting to look around for side jobs, small things that won’t kill me or stress me out and that will pay a bit (every little bit helps). Finally we’ve got family that has openly said they’re willing to help out which is great (hopefully we won’t be relying on them very much but time will tell).

Some of the other things that we’re going to be trying is to limit costs where possible, instead of paying for invitations maybe print them off ourselves. We’re going to ask for cash gifts to cover off anything that we put on credit and making sure we know as much of the costs up front so we don’t get a ballooning cost just as the wedding is about to start.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – Budgeting”

  1. If people are offering to help, take them up on it. It’s so hard to actually pin people down though and may feel awkward but hey they offered. A wedding shouldnt cause you or your fiancee to go into debt.
    Congrats on your wedding!

  2. The trick to making a wedding wonderful on a shoestring budget is to make it meaningful. That usually means asking for assistance from the important people in your life, your guests (if they weren’t important, they wouldn’t be invited).

    Maybe a guest is noted for her shortbread cookies (the family recipe). These could be made ahead of time, wrapped and given out at the table as thank you’s (in the speach, the couple could explain that no family celebration would be complete without Auntie So and So’s shortbread). Other family recipes can be added to the meal (with a little card labelling it).

    Most married folks have stuff from their own weddings (the cake knife, the bride and groom goblets, etc) that they wouldn’t mind you borrowing.

    Explain that they mean a lot to you and you would like a piece of them included in the wedding. I doubt anyone will complain. And who knows? They could come up for creative solutions for the centerpieces, etc.

    I went to an absolutely beautiful and fun wedding at a Chuck E Cheese. The bride and groom went there on their first date so it had special meaning for them.

    If you switch the focus from how to save money to how to add meaning, you’ll have much more fun.

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