Credit Card Fraud

Last night my fiancé hopped onto her online banking to pay a few bills and low and behold she discovered something very strange. Someone had made a bunch of charges on her credit card, ones that she couldn’t have possibly made since they were out of town. This is the first time that I’ve seen this happen in literally years. She promptly called the bank up and explained the situation looking for a way to get those charges reversed.

Thankfully the bank was well equipped to deal with this they asked her a bunch of questions and in a matter of about 10 minutes the complaint had been filed and the bank was investigating the charges. Now if it was something small then it’s not a big deal but in this case the charges amounted to close to 1000 dollars. Someone had a great time charging 2 very large bills at a restaurant out of town and then paid for 3 full fill ups of gas a week later. Realistically this isn’t possible since my fiancé doesn’t have a drivers license and has never paid for my gas with her credit card.

I’m not entirely sure how this happened but it goes to show that it’s good to keep close tabs on your credit cards and your bank information. She caught this problem while it was still early. Her card has been destroyed and hopefully this person(s) will be caught. Even if they aren’t at least the bank is looking into getting those charges reversed for her.

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4 thoughts on “Credit Card Fraud”

  1. Man, that just sucks. A friend of mine had 3 cellphone contracts opened with her name, that was a nightmare to clear up as it wasnt a bank issue, but rather a name, address and social security # issue. Hope you get it cleared up!

  2. I hope there’s a happy resolution as well. But at least it wasn’t something more serious, just few charges that are in all likelihood going to be reversed. It could have been far worse.

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