Reduced Car Insurance Costs

I have to say I’m quite impressed by the drop in my insurance that I was able to arrange. My car insurance was extremely high even for the region that I live in. I was paying $475 per month because of some stuff on my driving record in the past. I’m not entirely innocent on that front but not entirely at fault either. The net result is I’ve been paying really high insurance for close to three years. But this is changing starting now!

I managed to get my monthly rate dropped to $328 per month for a savings of almost $150 a month. This is definitely going to make my life a whole hell of a lot easier once my lower pay starts kicking in. When I was considering my new salary I was using the higher value to calculate if I would be able to pay all my bills and I was so this should allow me to pay down my debt a bit more and save some money for the wedding as well.

I’m definitely happy I was able to get the car insurance dropped by as much as I did. When was the last time you had your car insurance rates re-evaluated?

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3 thoughts on “Reduced Car Insurance Costs”

  1. That’s great. See, everything is coming into place.
    My insurance is pretty high for me ($140/month) but I’m in the tail end of a finance, then it will drop to $80/month.

  2. Yes everything is coming together. I’m so jealous of insurance prices in the US. I could save almost $400/month on car insurance if I lived in the US.

  3. Wow, that’s a huge difference. My insurance is charged on a 6-month term so I could see that my insurance on my car dropped about 150 for 6 months, but the rates on the padres and bro’s cars went up about that much EACH so …. *sigh* one step forward and two back? At least I’ve got the insurance savings set up so that when the bill comes every couple months I just have to come up with a small chunk of cash.
    I don’t think the overall bill will go down until I get BroDucky off because he keeps getting tickets!!

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