2006, A Personal Review

Well it’s that time of year, where we take a moment to look back and see how things have transpired over the year. See what went wrong, see what went right and make some adjustments to make sure that the next year will be better than this one. Personally I had a pretty up and down year. In March I was packaged out of my previous position, in May I got a new position. At the end of May and early June my fiancé and I found a great property but the deal fell through at the very last minute due to poor information given to us by our bank (I’m still bitter with the bank about this). Later in June we got engaged. Spent most of the weekends in the summer at the boat which we finally fixed up this year, it made for some really relaxing weekends. In September my job started becoming rather intolerable and in December this finally got resolved when another position came up. Unfortunately this also came with a considerable price tag (a 33% drop in pay) and I took it (the benefits outweigh the costs).

On a far sadder note my grandfather passed away this summer, I was hoping he would be able to make it to our wedding but unfortunately he wasn’t. At least he didn’t suffer; personally I would hate to suffer through a slow painful death.

In September I also started this site up and I’m grateful that I did. I have learnt so much in the past four months that I am amazed. I’m still struggling to contain my finances and my spending but at least there is headway where before there was simply struggling. There have been some bad decisions along the way but most of them are further in my past and I have become much more conscious of my money and money in general.

Finally one of my biggest frustrations for the year is that I wasn’t able to quit smoking, I’ve tried and I was doing really well until I lost my job in March. I wasn’t as ready as I would have thought. I believe that this will end up being priority number 1 for the next year. I’m in far better shape than I was this time last year and I intend to keep this part up, I’m down about 15 lbs since this time last year which is amazing. But I’m still partaking too much in excess, too much going out, too much drinking, not enough paying attention to my health and my body. But overall this year was a considerable improvement over the past few.

Over the next couple days I’m going to continue my review (though more likely this will be in my head and not on this site) and I’ll start putting some goals to paper.

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One thought on “2006, A Personal Review”

  1. Wow! What a year you have had. My condolences about your grandfather.
    Next year will be better with the smoking. I know that you can do it. It will lengthen your life and I know your fiance will appreciate that.
    Onward to 2007!

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