2007 – Specific Goal #1

Unlike the last couple years where I came up with a bunch of resolutions, that I couldn’t possibly keep or even if I could there was no real determination, I’ve decided to come up with specific goals. But not only to come up with some specific goals, keep the number of goals down to 3 or maybe 4 until the initial goals are met. Along with setting these goals up I will be tracking them on this site to follow my progress; I’m not sure yet how I’ll do this but I was thinking a monthly goals update. I’ll figure the details of this out in the next few weeks, now onto the first goal.

As I’m sure some of the regular readers know I’m getting married this year, I’ve even posted about it a little while back, so its pretty natural that my first specific goal for the year would be tied to my wedding. Goal #1 for the year is to save up $7,000 for the wedding that’s happening this June.

I’ve currently managed to save up $2,000 and I need to get an additional $5,000 by June. Normally this would simply be a challenge but I’m not sure how much I’ll be making when I start my new job or how my finances from month to month will look. I would like to have set this goal higher but I don’t want to risk missing it. The $7,000 I believe to be achievable and probably pretty close to a minimum in order to prevent using credit cards and racking up debt for the wedding.

Collecting the $5,000 should be a matter of being careful with my money and maybe selling off some of my unwanted stuff on eBay. Regardless it still adds up to $833 per month if I include June and $1,000 a month if I don’t. When I break it down into those numbers this is a very challenging goal but because of it’s importance to me I’m going to make this one happen and the sooner the better.

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2 thoughts on “2007 – Specific Goal #1”

  1. Wow! $7,000.00! Is that for the honeymoon? I’m not sure I want to imagine your finance’s part.
    I’m sure you can come up with it without going further into debt, because you wouldnt want your wedding to follow you home right? A wedding only happens once for most people.

    Do you have the other $2000 stashed in an ING savings account? It could be earning interest!

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