2007 – Specific Goal #2

As I mentioned in yesterdays post about Goal #1 I’m setting up a few very specific goals in mind for 2007 and goal # 2 is very much tied to the first one. The common thing to do after one gets married is to go on a honeymoon and I like the idea and we’re going to go on said honeymoon. Now this brings up some very good questions, when are we going on this honeymoon and how are we going to pay for it? The answer to the when drives a great deal of this goal, ideally we’ll be heading out for our honeymoon right after our wedding and the plan is for a two-week honeymoon.

Therefore the specific goal #2 for the year is to have the honeymoon planed and paid for prior to getting married. Unfortunately this still leaves some what-ifs around because the honeymoon location/options aren’t set in the slightest. I’m going to take a wild guess that for two people in Europe (likely France) we could stay for a couple weeks for about $3-4000. Again I’m going to take the higher end of that estimate because I’d rather have a nice worry free honeymoon and to be ready for June I’ll need to set aside an additional $800 per month. Unfortunately this goal will remain somewhat fluid until specifics are settled on.

Now if you’ve read the previous goal and if you follow this site you’ll note that I’m attempting to save $9,000 in just over 5 months on a smaller salary than I had less than a month ago. The reality here is that I’m going to have to get creative, take on side projects, sell stuff or even bartend at night to make this happen and make it happen I will. I want a nice honeymoon, I want to have the wedding paid for without having to rely on others (namely parents) to help out. This is Goal #2 which even I think is a bit ambitious but I’m only getting married once and I intend to accomplish this.

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  1. Just read your goal for the honeymoon. Have you considered a house/home swap? It seems that Calgary (being close to the Rockies) would be a desirable swap for many people, and a house swap could save a lot of money on a honeymoon.

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