2007 – Specific Goal #3

Over the past couple days I’ve been posting about my goals for the year and the first two goals were related to my upcoming wedding. The third and final goal that I’m going to set up right now is regarding Personal Finance and this site. I’m setting a rather ambitious goal to read a Personal Finance (or reasonably related) book each week this year. I’ve learnt a great deal from the books that I have read and continuing this trend will only help me further.

Not only am I going to read this books I’ve decided that I’m going to post a weekly review on Saturdays. My reviews so far have been pretty simple commentaries on the books and unless a book really grabs me; I will expand on this approach by trying to take notes while reading and providing some specific commentary and feedback. This way I think the reviews will be a bit stronger for the readers and I’ll retain more from the books.

To start things off here are the first three reviews:

If any of you have any personal finance books that you would recommend I would be happy to take suggestions, I’d rather read the good books.

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