January Goals

I think I need to be a bit more modest with my goals this month because I’m so late in getting to them that if I don’t take a less ambitious stance I might not even come close. I think the main purpose with this month is to simply get back on track rather than make some huge dent in my debt. So without further adieu here are my goals for January:

  • Get my net worth above $9,800
  • No credit card usage at all (I’m good so far)
  • Put away $125 to mutual funds
  • Find out and plan out my financial situation with my new paycheck
  • After figuring out the financial situation with the new pay, come up with a quarterly goal

Considerably less ambitious than in previous months but I’m already 11 days in and I would much rather get back on my feet mentally as it were than to try anything else. Now before anyone mentions it yes I still have my two financial goals from the beginning of the year I’m going to start addressing those shortly.

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