The Importance of Health

Being healthy is important; no one will argue this statement. Not only is it important its one of the few things people wish they did better as they get older. It’s also something that I’ve struggled with for years, especially when it comes to smoking. Regular readers know that I smoke/am trying to quit smoking but I’ve been having a harder time of it than I really should be having. It all goes back to a general sense of wanting to be healthier because I can see the benefits and the consequences of not being healthy.

Before anyone asks, yes this is a personal finance blog but being healthy has a very direct correlation to your finances. Take for example my American neighbours who have to pay for all of their medical expenses. For them health has a direct impact on their monetary situation in that if they get sick they have to pay for their own care. Now with that said there is a secondary impact if you happen to fall ill or are unable to work, you’ve got no money coming in. But there is one additional impact in that if you’re healthy you’ll be better able to do your job, which can lead to additional job opportunities and growth in a career, which in turn means more money for you. So being healthy has a strong correlation to money regardless of where you are.

Unfortunately not taking care of your health is something that often we can’t see in the short term, eating beer and French fries for lunch every day for a month might not make a difference in say a couple days but at the end of the month you’ll definitely have put on weight. On that same token getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle also takes time before the benefits can be seen. Consider this a long-term investment in yourself as a money-producing machine.

Exercise and eating properly play a great part of this equation, if you’re able to do both with some degree of success you’ll feel better and be more capable of going out and doing your job or running your business. Personally I noticed a big difference from just going to the gym twice a week. It didn’t come instantly but over time I lost 15 lbs and I just generally felt better. When you take care of yourself you also don’t stress about how you look; which leads to better mental health though in reality this is a topic all on its own.

I haven’t tied in and specific numbers to the cost of being healthy versus not being healthy, realistically I’m not sure I’d like to see those numbers, I’m not as healthy as I should be or would like to be but every little bit helps.

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