Making Money on the Side

Ever since I took my pay cut to get into the job I’m in now I’ve been contemplating if there was a way to make up the fiscal difference in some way. I’m making enough money to cover my bills and a little more, but not much. The cut in pay is totally worth it considering I’m really enjoying my job. But I’m still left with a quandary: how am I to pay for the wedding and reduce my debt if I’m not making some extra money.

So the question doesn’t become should I start making some money on the side but how. Well I started thinking about this and a few thoughts came to mind. First off was eBay, I’ve got a coin collection and a hockey card collection and neither is being continued so those are potential items for sale. But when these items go I won’t have much left to sell and it’ll only account for a small amount. This will be a start. What else could I do?

Well the next thing that came up in my mind was some kind of freelancing. The potentials for freelancing are pretty wide and include blogging, web development, essay writing and editing. Though this approach is something that I’m going to need to research more and will probably the route I take.

Finally the idea of taking a second job came up, unfortunately I don’t want to end up tired at work and most of the evening type work would be low paying and not necessarily worth the effort. Though this may become an option in the not too distant future.

Have any of you had any success with making money on the side? I’d be interested in hearing your success or horror stories.

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3 thoughts on “Making Money on the Side”

  1. Matt,

    Find one of the things that interest you and just get started.

    All of your ideas are good and will work… But they will take a lot of work.

    Things get exciting when the side money get to be more than your job.

    – Bryan

  2. Rather than trying to earn more money from extra work have you looked at trying to increase your cashflow by looking at your bills or debts? Even if you can only squeeze out a few more dollars it’ll be worth it as you can put that to work in mutual fund that concentrates on property investment, the advantage in these mutual funds is that because they invest into property the usually provide good income and good capital growth, so by diverting alittle of your cashflow into something like this you can quickly build an investment which provides for extra income and compounding capital growth

  3. BigBuddha, I’ve already looked at the cashflow issue and there isn’t much more that I can squeeze out. The big item is the fact that I need to save for a wedding.

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