Sleep Deprivation and Productivity

While I understand that this is a personal finance blog I’ve had to post in the last little while about health and it’s impact on the work people do and the managers perspective. Another topic that I’ve always thought was of some significance is the lack of sleep and its impact on productivity. Sleep is when our bodies regenerate and recuperate allowing us to do all of the things that we need to do. Personally in my life I’ve gone from sleeping too much to sleeping barely enough. Now I like to get a good nights sleep and I can see the impact it has.

When you’re tired you make mistakes and your brain isn’t at its optimal capacity. No one can argue that by not sleeping to get a project done that that project will be as good as if they had the time to get it done right over a longer time. Simply put we’re not nearly as productive when we’re tired. So what does this have to do with a personal finance blog? Well productivity is often the measure of how much we are we are producing in the work environment. Why would we put ourselves in a position where we can’t produce as much as we potentially could?

A lot of the people who read this blog are your average every day person who has a job, I know I am, and when we aren’t as productive in our work environments we make mistakes and mistakes are often what can keep us from getting that promotion. This promotion in turns reduces our ability to save money and get closer towards financial independence. We’re all looking for that one opportunity to get ahead or the one in a million idea that will make us rich. Really do you think you’d recognize the idea or opportunity if it was staring you in the face if you’re dead on your feet? I highly doubt it.

Between reducing our ability to advance in our careers and removing our ability to see ideas and opportunities we have to deal with a more mediocre life. This is something that can be avoided! I’ve been trying to sleep more and better with some success and now I understand the impact of lack of sleep on my own work and how this in turn how this has a very direct correlation on the level of wealth I can achieve.

National Sleep Foundation
Impact of lack of sleep on health – Eurofound Article
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6 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation and Productivity”

  1. Absolutely! I’ve always been a sleeper- (10-12 hours) and I’m lucky that my toddler is the same. If I get less than 8, FORGET ABOUT being a rational person.

  2. I agree mostly, although I think there’s a fine line between too much sleep and too little. Sometimes when I get too much I’m just as bad as if I didn’t get enough. And for me I think a slightly lower than optimal sleep actually makes me work better.

  3. Thats the beauty of it everyone is different; I like to get about 7 hours. More than that is ok but my body seems to just wake me up.

  4. Yep you are absolutely right, lack of sleep affects productivity. I remember reading an article with some numbers put to this effect…but can’t place it right now. Will send you a link when I find it again.
    This grad school homework and the recent addiction to blogging doesn’t allow me to sleep as well as I would want to…I average about 6 hours..but I am more productive with about 8 hrs…so I am stretching myself a bit there.

  5. I’m an insomniac so twice a week I take sleep medication to make sure I’m capable of going to work. I cannot function without some level of sleep and unfortunately without some medication(even if its only OTC melatonin) I don’t get sound sleep even if I’m asleep for 7 hrs.

    I did not have any problem sleeping while I was on vacation in bali, cambodia or thailand which makes me believe that maybe I need a LOT of exercise and that I’m unsuited for sitting in an office and working 😉

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