The CEO Morning Routine

So how much of a difference does your morning routine have when it comes to being productive? Most people will either tell you they are a morning person or they’re not. Personally I was never a morning person but I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that I can function quite well in the morning. I’ve come to this conclusion primarily because of changes in my morning routine that have shown me I can be very productive in the wee hours of the morning.

The reason I’m discussing this topic today is the fact that there was a great article on Yahoo! that discussed the results of a survey of 20 CEOs and executives that described some of the trends that appeared in their morning routine. First off getting up early was a trend as was getting up and attacking work as well as attacking the gym. The part about waking up early and getting going on email wasn’t a surprise at all. Part of being productive at the executive level in my opinion is making sure that your work gets done and that includes the dreaded email. What I found rather amusing is that as I read this article I realized that I too have now started replying to email just after I get up.

Being productive from the first thing in the morning also seems to have something to do with hitting the gym as most of the surveyed executives went early. Now that I have a slightly different schedule I can potentially hit the gym in the morning and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. This article definitely reaffirms in my mind that this is something I should be doing. Regardless the article and the survey it conduced were interesting because for many years I wondered just how senior level people managed to get as much as they had to do done; some of the mystery is now gone.

Getting off to a good start in the morning definitely goes a long way to having a productive day in my opinion.

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