When to leave your Job?

Recently I dropped a fairly high paying job that I was very unhappy in to take a much better position that didn’t pay a lot. For me this was a decision that really involved little thought other than the financial consideration to ensure I wouldn’t continue going into debt. So when is the right time to leave your job? Personally the amount of money that you’re brining in isn’t the be all and end all to work. I need to be challenged and enjoy my work. My previous job didn’t provide any of these things; they just paid me well, now I’m paid less but challenged each and every day. I have a position that will grow and allow me to grow with it. I made the sacrifice in the short term financially but over the long term I believe that I will benefit.

Which leads to the question when to leave your job? Well if you really hate your job then its definitely time to leave your job or at least start looking for something better. But what if you’re indifferent about your job? Or if you’re just bored with it? I think those are both good times to start looking. The money aspect of a job is definitely something to keep in mind when considering a job change but it’s not the only thing. Every person is different and will have different needs from a job in some cases a boring job that you go in and do your time is exactly what you need. Being able to come home with time to make dinner and spend time with your children is the most important thing.

When it comes down to it the most important thing about a job is that it provides money. We all have expenses and requirements that cost money and a job ensures you have money for all of this. But unfortunately a job, especially a bad one will impact you outside of the office and all of you out there that say ‘I hate my job but it pays well’ might want to think about the impact your dislike of your job has on all the other parts of your life. I know that having a job I like is more important than the extra money I could be making, I can see growth and because of this in a year or so I know I’ll be in a position to make just as much if not significantly more than at the job I left.

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2 thoughts on “When to leave your Job?”

  1. I completely hear what you are saying and I too have been in the situation, recently actually, where I had to think really hard about whether to leave my job or stay.

    I decided to stay because I like the work(it’s not particularly challenging 100% of the time) but the pay is good.

    Before I was married and definately before I had my son, I wouldnt have hesitated because I had alot more ambition then. Now, my job is just that, my job. It’s where I go for 8-9 hours of my day, I do my best and walk away. My LIFE is my son and nothing else.

    Our opinions will probably differ though Matt because of the gender difference. Men are expected to put their work before their families but I can tell you from experience, that your family is what will make you better at your work.

    My two cents.

  2. I think you need to look at the more important things in life, but a job doesn’t necessarily have to be just about money and something that keeps you going. A job should be something that you enjoy, at least a decent amount, and that you can be happy with. If it isn’t, then you’re wasting your 40 or so hours a week and you will never get it back.

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