February Goals

Like I said in yesterday’s assessment I managed to reach most of the goals for the month that I set up in January. I’m glad I actually managed to hit some goals for a change. Granted I made sure the goals were remotely achievable; I think this month should be the same. Not need to get really crazy and creative with the goals just yet. I’m still struggling to get my financial situation under control from the job switch. The majority of my net worth movement in the past month and in this one will be from decreasing my debts but that’s just as good as putting money in the assets column right now. For the goal this month I just want to get my credit cards caught up rather than ahead and I want to keep my spending in line.

So without further adieu here are my goals for February:

February Goals

  • Get my net worth over $10,500
  • Get both my credit cards below their limit
  • Don’t use my credit cards at all (unless I need one for ebay to sell stuff)
  • Pay all my bills on time
  • Get my finances in order finally and start planning ahead a bit rather than struggle from pay to pay
  • Set up some realistic goals for the next couple months/quarter
  • Finally start selling some stuff on eBay
  • Start tracking all of my expenses again

This month will be a good test to see if I have managed to get my finances under some semblance of control or if I’m still bouncing around unawares. One thing that I really would like to do this month starting with my next pay is tracking my expenses again. I did this for a while quite well but that fell to the wayside in January. At times this is a bit of a chore but the information really does help me adjust my spending so I would like to resume it. Other than that I believe the goals above are manageable and attainable.

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4 thoughts on “February Goals”

  1. I’d do yourself a favor, and remove depreciating assets from your “net worth” calculations. It just gets frustrating. Treat a car as an expense, unless you own a Shelby GT 😉

  2. Kyle – The reason the car is there even though its a depreciating asset is because I’m still paying it off and I can sell it for the amount I’ve got up. The car is an expense and I treat it as such in every respect other than on this net worth assessment.

    yinkling – Thanks I noticed I was getting traffic from that site yesterday – its very cool. Hopefully the feed is up and running again. I’ll keep an eye on it though.

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