Do you talk about money?

When you’re with your family and friends do you talk about money? This is a topic that is often considered taboo like religion and politics because of the emotions it invokes. People will get either fired up about the conversation or they’ll get scared, defensive and hide in their own shells so to speak. I know that talking about money and your financial situation isn’t an easy topic for everyone. It’s also not a topic you should be conversing about with everyone but it is an important one when it comes to the people your finances impact. We’ve been conditioned to not talk about money in any situation and that it’s a bad thing and that only greedy people talk about money.

I try to talk about money with my fiancĂ© when it’s important. I say try because I’m not the only person in that conversation and sometimes hearing what the other person has to say takes me out of my comfort zone and this isn’t something I’m used to (hence the comfort zone).

I think conversations about money are that much harder when you don’t have enough of it around. When you’re struggling with money and specifically the lack of money talking to your significant other or some friends might help you find some possible solutions rather than force you to carry the burden on your own.

Talking about your financial situation in general is both hard and important at the same time. Even if you have a very liberal view of the topic and are comfortable talking about it the other person you’re talking to might not and might not take the conversation anywhere. I know my parents rarely talked about money and I saw them argue about the topic when in reality there wasn’t ever any need to fight over it.

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2 thoughts on “Do you talk about money?”

  1. Since I started blogging, I dont have as hard of a time talking about money. Perhaps it’s because I have alot of sounding boards in the PF blogosphere. It takes the edge off.

    On the other hand, it’s also made me alot more conscientious of what I say and to whom. Some people dont react very well when you try to offer advice or even bring up certain money matters.

    But, at least the channels are open!

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