Goal # 4 – Back to simplicity

I guess the title of this post is a little deceptive since the goal isn’t to get back to simplicity or a simple life but to simplify the goal that I’m setting a bit more. I’ve set some lofty goals that I’ve failed at and there’s nothing more discouraging than failing at your goals. To this end The Simple Dollar had a great post yesterday about just this topic and provided some tips and overcoming this problem.

The goal that I’m setting for myself will replace the typical monthly goals until I can build myself back up to being able to reach multiple goals at the same time. The 4th goal that I’m setting for myself will be two fold and far simpler than those in the past:

Goal #4
Part 1 – Get caught up on all of my outstanding bills, start with the ones that are overdue and progress to those that are due this month.

Part 2 – Automate as much of this as possible. There is no excuse for a bill going unpaid in our world of automation and bill payment options.

As you can see this is far simpler than trying to hit X$ by a set date. The timeline for this goal will be the month of May which is a good thing since it’s a month that I’m going to receive 3 paychecks. I’ll detail my progress a bit more including outlining the bills and their payments.

Time to succeed rather than watch my goal fail miserably.

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