The Wedding Cometh

The wedding is now only a little over two weeks away and the stress of making sure that everything is ready for the day is starting to take its toll. Place cards, table arrangements, gifts for the wedding party, and of course ensuring that everything is set for our honeymoon. We’re at the point where we’re dealing with a series of small details and the sum total of all of them is daunting. Why didn’t we deal with a lot of this stuff before? Well we dealt with a great deal of it to some extent or another over the past couple months but now we’re getting down to crunch time.

I’ve always known that planning a wedding is a big job but considering I’ve worked in project management for the past few years I figured that it was nothing more than a big project. Boy was I wrong! When it comes to work based projects everything is about the project and the business behind it, there are no feelings involved and often the decisions are pretty straightforward. When it comes to the wedding the decisions and choices are a delicate balance that needs to be maintained between too many different people. The closest thing I can think of is project management by committee where everyone has different goals. Everything is starting to wrap up and become finalized so there are no last minute problems though I have to say the wedding has been an experience to say the least, not a bad one but an experience nonetheless.

The other side of the wedding that I don’t think I was mentally prepared for was the monetary side. Until recently I haven’t been good with my money and even now I can’t say I’m great at it; planning the monetary side of the wedding is very daunting in that it’s a very big expense. We’ve managed to keep things under control but that doesn’t make it and cheaper or less stressful when it comes to the money. Thankfully the parents have come to the rescue and offered their help in a big way so at the 11th hour the money is no longer something that we’re going to be worried about. Granted it’s caused enough stress up to this point.

I’m looking forward to the big day; it’ll be a lot of fun for us and for our guests. I’m excited and anxious to make sure everything goes off without a hitch but at this point I also think its time for me to stop worrying about it and simply let it go. What will be will be and dwelling on it isn’t going to change the final outcome. The really great part about the whole wedding is that we’re taking our honeymoon right after the wedding. From a personal finance point of view this probably isn’t the best idea since we don’t really know we’ll have the money for it but it will give us the time to just sit down for a couple weeks and detox, relax, and enjoy our marriage. The build up has been slowly building both from an excitement point of view as well as from a stressful one.

We tried to keep everything as simple as possible but complexity inevitably crept in and we’ve been dealing with that since. That would be the only piece of advice that I would give to someone just starting the planning of their wedding: Keep it simple! It will inevitably get more complex and complicated than you want. Just don’t forget to enjoy the journey

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