June Goals – Just Enjoy It

In a couple weeks from now I will be married and on a honeymoon that isn’t going to be nearly long enough. The past almost year of planning for this wedding has come down to all of the details and small items to make sure everything is in order. In the processes I’ve also switched jobs and managed to max my financial life back out with expenses. So between the stress of getting work completed and accurate, making sure all the wedding details are taken care of, and the my slowly disintegrating financial situation I’ve decided to keep the goal for this month very simple.

Just Enjoy It.

I’m getting married and I would much rather remember it for enjoying myself during the wedding weekend and the honeymoon following rather than the stresses of work, money and wedding details. I understand that this is not a financially based goal on a personal finance blog but sometimes it’s not just about the money and you just have to live and enjoy your life. This doesn’t mean that I’m about to start spending money like crazy, I believe I’ve broken the habit of excessive spending and lets be honest I don’t have the money to spend right now. This is a once in a lifetime experience that I would like to keep as a happy moment and not one where I’m worried about exactly when my car payment is leaving my account.

There is one nice aspect to the wedding that will help ease the financial worries after the wedding is done: gifts. We’ve specifically asked for monetary gifts because we have most of what need and we’ve been bleeding money for the wedding like its going out of style. This is going to allay any worries about money while on the honeymoon (aka all the bills will be covered). Once back from the honeymoon that will be a completely different story but it will allow us to enjoy it, which is the goal.

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