June Assessment

When I wrote my June goals last month I took a bit of a break from your traditional goals that you’d find on a personal finance blog. I simply decided that I was going to enjoy the month. There’s nothing worse than stressing out about this that or the other when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. Needless to say I didn’t want to be worried about money when I was getting married or during the honeymoon so my goal was not to and to just enjoy the experience.

Having a month where you simple don’t worry about the day-to-day financial aspect of your life is fun but also a little misleading since you have to keep it in mind or you’ll be broke very fast. Overall I didn’t concentrate on the bills (paid everything anyways) or any of the wedding funds since the parents did say they were going to help. It was a month that if necessary I could rely on others to help out with so I could just enjoy the experience and I took advantage of that.

Over the course of the month I did come to a very clear conclusion, even though personal finance (and money) is an important and interesting topic for me it’s not always about the dollars and cents. You can’t worry about money, or anything for that matter, and not notice that life is passing you by at an alarming rate and if you don’t stop to pay attention once in a while everything starts to loose its meaning. There are times when it’s about happiness and the quality of life rather than the dollars and cents of it all. If you don’t take stock of your life one in a while and realize where you’re going, who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing you can very clearly become miserable.

I enjoyed the whole month of June; it was an amazing experience. The wedding went off without a hitch (though the weather was threatening to not cooperate until I had some stern words with mother nature *grin*). The honeymoon was in Paris and being from North America let me tell you seeing a city like this left a distinct impression, many actually, but those are other posts. Needless to say I debated not coming back to my normal life while there which should tell you that I really enjoyed it. I feel completely re-grounded after the last month and have some new (or revitalized) perspectives on life.

The month’s goal was reached and surpassed in my expectations and I’m extremely happy for that. My goals in the past half a year or so were somewhat challenging to meet and not very inspiring to me; this was a definite break from that. The next step is to take this newfound energy and take advantage of it. I’m going to set up some July goals in the next day or two and use this experience to ensure they’re equally successful.

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One thought on “June Assessment”

  1. Worry about finance has been mentally draining to me. It has help me to come on to these blogs and explore other peoples ways of looking at things. It gets so tiring going from month to month. I need to set more long term goals and stick to them. I think I have lacked that discipline in the past. So after reading your blog, I am thinking about trying a 6 month goal for paying off certain bills, getting out of my financial rut. If all goes well, I can use the additional 6 months to see what I can save up. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    I could use the traffic, the comments and the links. Really would like to link to your site. I have favorited it. Hopefully, the link will also work on my blog. Have a great day and goodluck with your goals.

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