Attitude and Mindset

One of the blogs I like to read is and over the past couple days he’s written some very good posts revolving about mindset. The posts brought up the concept of mindset or frame of mind, which often gets overlooked. Normally most people don’t think about their attitude or thinking towards something mostly because its routine and nothing special. The whole idea that you can’t and don’t make money coupled with the nagging knowledge of debt can put you into a very negative place mentally about your finances, I know I’m there now and thinking about making more money is hard. It’s an attitude and perception.

As hard as it might be to think in how Steve puts it, an abundance mindset, it’s an important thing. If you think about achieving small things and think you’ll achieve small things chances are you will actually achieve small things. But the same thing will be true with large things and large amounts of money lets say. Unfortunately it’s harder to do than it sounds sometimes, especially if you’re not in the right mindset to start with.

The good thing is that you can change your mindset with a little effort, think back to the last time you were angry – did you stay that way for a very long time or did it pass? Well if you apply the right baby steps in the direction of the mindset you want to be in then you will get there.

For me the whole idea of having an abundance mindset is a bit hard to grapple with because I’m still in debt rather than working towards my one million. But it’s all about attitude and changing how you think ever so slightly might be worth it down the road financially. Attitude and how you perceive things is incredibly important regardless of if you’re looking at it from a financial point of view or not. Having a strong positive attitude will be more productive and beneficial to you than you could imagine, people notice good/positive attitudes as quickly as they notice the really bad sour ones.

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