Disclosure – How much to reveal

How much information do you willingly give out about yourself? This is a very valid question that changes from person to person. Some people are very open and very comfortable passing out everything and anything about their lives. As you can see on this blog I’ve only created a user account by the name of Matt rather than my full name, which should let you, know I’m holding something back.

Personally I don’t want to divulge everything about my finances and myself but I do want the benefit of sharing my experiences honestly. I believe that I can accomplish this without divulging everything though I am a bit torn about the subject. I was perfectly content putting out my net worth because it doesn’t reflect the details of my spending nor my vices. For example I like to have a drink most nights of the week but I rarely do it to get drunk or as a form of escapism; I simply like having a couple glasses of wine when I get home. Unfortunately with certain behaviors come stigmas that can damage your credibility and your image…. Should I be worried about this? I don’t know but one thing that I do know is for as much as I’m not nearly as concerned about my image specifically I do have to consider my wife who can be impacted by my writing. She might not read the site but if her colleagues or potential employers do then this might have a considerable impact.

Which brings me back to the question of how much information do you share? I’m still in a bit of a mix about this. Every blogger out there has to find their own balance and I think I’m still trying to find mine out though I am a lot closer than I was when I started this blog almost a year ago.

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3 thoughts on “Disclosure – How much to reveal”

  1. thank you for writing this post. I just started my blog a few weeks ago and I also struggle about disclosing my personal information. My biggest fear is disclosing too much and leaving myself and people I love vulnerable.

    Also, how would my employer or subordinates feel if they read my blog and know my net worth, etc.

  2. When I decided to start blogging last month. I wanted to communicate with my prospective readers in an informal and personal manner so that my articles don’t sound like lectures. I also was torn between using my real identity instead of writing under a pseudonym. At the end of the day, i decided I was not ready to reveal my true identity, so, I decided to write using a pseudonym to teach people about my journey toward financial freedom.

  3. January – I lucked out that I’ve got a fairly common name so I could use it without anyone tracking it down to me if I don’t want them too.

    Its a tough call determining the amount of exposure you allow. Some people will reveal everything and others won’t.

    Pinyo – I would be less concerned if I wasn’t married and didn’t have subordinates that could read this site. But I do and I would like to keep some level of anonymity present.

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