September Goals

September is going to be an incredibly busy month for me work wise and I don’t want to set some crazy goals for myself that are not going to be manageable. To that end I’ve come up with some goals that are similar to last months and I’m not going to try working on too many side projects on top of that. The net result when you try to take on too much is that everything suffers including the really important tasks.

To that end here are my goals for September:

  • Decrease my spending my 10%
  • Increase my net worth by $250
  • Keep track of all my spending for the month
  • Come up with a base business plan for one of my projects
  • Adjust my budgeting to fit my spending.

With all of this said to decrease my spending by 10% will mean that I need to spend about $400 less this month. I think this goal is perfectly achievable especially since I’m going to be busy with work and traveling a bit. Also the summer is ending so there will be fewer trips to the boat which inevitably cost money.

Increasing my net worth by $250 is a pretty small task since as long as my assets don’t decrease or my liabilities increase just the paying down my car should be sufficient to cover this off.

I’ve been really good the last couple months in tracking my spending; it’s just a matter of continuing this trend. I’m at the point where I’ve got enough data to accurately determine my spending and where I could cut down (this meshes with the first point). At the same time this works really well with the last of my goals which is to adjust my budgeting to fit my spending. All three points that are linked should make it that much easier to achieve.

Finally I’ve got a couple ideas that I’m in the process of developing as small side businesses. I know what I want to achieve with them but unfortunately I need to make sure that both of these are approached correctly. With that in mind I’m going to build a business plan (a basic one) for one of the two ideas – this is to continue to lay the ground work for what I want to accomplish.

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