Asking for Discounts

I ran across a post on I’ve Paid Twice For This where she mentions asking for a discounted price and gives a couple examples. This really got me thinking because our society is so conditioned to accept things at face value that we simply don’t ask questions anymore. Personally I think this has a lot to do with fear of rejection and fear of standing out but that is a topic for a completely different type of Blog.

Asking for a discount doesn’t hurt and about the only thing that can happen is positive so why don’t we do it? Normally I don’t ask for discounts; but whenever my purchase gets a little more expensive I don’t hesitate. Take hotel rooms for example if you stay in a hotel room once a month and pay $150 for it, that’s a lot of money. Asking for a discount can very easily get you 10% off that price which translates to $15. Over the course of the year that’s $180, which is more than a full stay!

Getting over the fear of asking for something where the answer might be no is something that a lot of people have difficulty with. We’re too used to following along and accepting the price for something as is. Discounts exist all over the place as sale prices, volume discounts, promotional prices, and discretional discounts. If you’re asking for a discount at a hotel chances are the clerk has the authority to give you a discount without any need for an approval.

If you can get 10% off the purchase price of your items you can save a great deal of money over the long run. It might only be a couple dollars here and there but when you add all of them up it makes a difference.

Many people go out of their way to find sale prices but are too afraid to ask in the store, next time you’re about to buy something, get out of your comfort zone and ask if they have any discounts, you might need to be creative with your reasoning why but very often the competition will have a better price… threaten to take your business elsewhere. If it doesn’t work then you loose nothing.

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