My Brief Hiatus is Over

For those of you who come to this site regularly I’m sure that you’ve noticed the lack of posting this past week. This was a bit of an involuntary hiatus. I had to travel for work for part of the weekend although I thought I’d have some time to write but this didn’t even come close to happening.

When I get on a writing roll like I’ve been the past few weeks I really don’t like taking a break because it inevitably interrupts the flow of writing and ideas. I’ve still got a bunch of ideas floating around in my head so I think I’ll be ok. I do have to say its nice to be able to do something different from the day to day grind for a change. Seeing a completely different part of the continent really does put things into perspective. Even within the same country lifestyles and just general approach to life are so much different from what I see on a daily basis. It makes me wonder if I don’t live in the rat race capital of the world.

The only other aspect of my traveling this past week that’s worthy of note is the fact that I spent a small fortune doing it. This was business travel so my employer will be reimbursing me the money that I spent but it definitely made an impact to my finances for the last part of the month. For those of you who travel a lot does your employer give you money up front for travel? Or are you expected to pay out of pocket and get money back?

3 thoughts on “My Brief Hiatus is Over”

  1. When I worked at the bank, it was a bit of a combination. They gave us a company credit card, but we were reimbursed for mileage and our daily per diem. So, there were a couple times when I drove a significant distance (600 miles or so, about $200) and was gone for a week ($100-$200) in per diem meals. So things like hotels and flights or rental cars were paid for immediately, but I wound up having to do any driving on my car and meals out of my pocket. The goal at the time was to then deposit the money into savings… but then I wasn’t as serious about my financial goals at the time. Usually the reimbursement checks went to plane flights to see my fiancee.

  2. For my current job role, I’m required to open a separate checking account through which the organization deposits $1,000 monthly. This is usually for expenses relating to hotel accomodations, business lunch or dinner, fuel expenses,car servicing and other miscellanous related expenses. However, at the end of the month, I retire my expenses ann I’m reimbursed for the new month ahead.

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