October Assessment

I may have not been writing very much in the month of October but I didn’t stop living nor spending money. You really can’t get around either without some serious effort. I managed to keep all of my finances tracked and my cashflow was only off by $100. All things considered that was a drastic improvement. This also means that I’m back in the habit of writing down all of my expenses, which I am very happy about.

The biggest issue I had with the month of October was how busy I became at the office. I would literally come home and try to avoid the computer as much as possible on the rough days. And on the days that weren’t too bad I was trying to work on my business plan. The good thing is that the business plan is in pretty decent shape and I’m actually starting to work on the details and parts of the implementation.

Overall the month was just way too busy. I had to start dropping things from my to do list that I enjoyed and wanted to do (like this blog). I needed to have time to calm down and decompress because of the 60+ hour weeks. The good news is that this is now starting to pass; the workload has lightened and there’s now help. I’m taking on a slightly different direction at the company and it won’t be nearly this rough for me anymore. At least I hope it isn’t.

I should be back to writing more frequently now, my November goals will be up tomorrow morning. I really missed the writing when I had no time for it. Now its just a matter of time getting back in the groove.

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