November Goals

I think the very first step in getting back into the writing is to set some goals both financial and literary. From a financial point of view I’ve been doing better than I have in previous months. My cash flow is starting to balance out which has been a serious challenge and is the root cause of many of my problems. To that end I need to continue to track my spending to every penny spent as this really paints a good picture for me what’s going on. Until my cash flow is under control I’m not going to worry about how my net worth changes (up or down). As for my credit cards the goal will be to not use them at all though realistically if necessary they are a fall back.

I have also mentioned in previous posts that I’m working on a couple side business ideas the goal for the remainder of the month is to continue this and ideally bring one of them to the point of operation. I’ve definitely caught an entrepreneurial bug somewhere this past year and now the goal is to focus these energies one at a time. If this works the way I believe that it will this will help ease the cash flow and debt issues a little.

Before I get into my writing goals for the month I’m also trying to quit smoking, which will make me a bit cranky here and there. Thankfully all of you reading this don’t get the pleasure of dealing with me when I am cranky. Wish me luck!

Now there have been a few topics that I wanted to write about and to ease myself back into the habit of writing daily I am going to start with posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday for the rest of the month (unless of course I manage to get some more inspiration and time). I enjoy writing on this site; it provides me with inspiration to do better while learning more about the world of personal finance.

Goals Summary:

  • Keep Track of Spending
  • Get Cash Flow to Balance for the month
  • Don’t use Credit Cards
  • Get Side Business ready for Launch
  • Write 3 times per week
  • Quit Smoking.

Overall I think this is a completely achievable month. Though I have to say that the last point might be a bit of a challenge and if it’s the only one I accomplish then I’ll be happy with this months results.

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