Mid November Update

I had some lofty goals when it came to this blog unfortunately time hasn’t allowed it and really when it comes to it I needed to pull back in a couple places of my life lest I loose my sanity and burn out. I did want to write a mid November update because aside from not being able to write as often as I was hoping the month is shaping up to be very productive on the goal front.

The side business is progressing, the business plan is mostly written (then again I don’t think any business plan should ever leave this state – its supposed to be a living document). The background work is being done and finished up. I’ve looked into what will be involved from a governmental point of view (Taxes, etc.). I was hoping to have everything in place for December 1st but that’s not very likely at this point. I underestimated the amount of work involved. The good thing is I’m probably not too far off it.

On the personal front I’ve managed to track all of my spending and to keep everything in check. I’m still overspending on a few categories but at least I’m keeping an eye out for it and conscious of my spending. I think this maybe the first month in a few where my cash flow balances on the side of positive.

Finally on the smoking front – I haven’t quit yet but there have been trial runs so to speak. A couple days here and there where I don’t smoke. For the most part I’m starting to notice what happens to me when I don’t smoke and I should be able to compensate for most of it. I’m still not great at recognizing when I’m being cranky. But I think people will simply need to deal with it if I am.

Thank you to my patient readers. I am toning back a few items that have been mentally sucking me dry as this happens I would like to start writing more again.

2 thoughts on “Mid November Update”

  1. I know how this goes. I have been blogging less than once per week over the past couple months, and it bothers me because I like to blog. But like you, it’s hard to find the time. One problem I have is that my blog is personal & anonymous, and thus difficult to integrate into my life. It’s also where I go to tell myself to “be a good boy.” It’s like I have to put on a different hat in order to blog. Maybe I needed this before and don’t need it so much anymore. I’m debating what to do….

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