We’ve got a jumper

Today was probably one of the most surreal days in my life. I live in a city with a subway line that I take to the office each morning. To make sure that I get a seat that I can use my laptop on I sit in the first car at the very front. Its been a habit of mine for a while now. It lets me work while commuting. Unfortunately today someone jumped in front of the subway just before I was about to get off the subway in an attempt to commit suicide.

I didn’t witness this though I did feel the impact both physical and mental. The looks on the faces of people is what I will remember more than anything else. This one person who in their struggles with life decided to take their life and in so doing impacted so many people around them. I was a bit rattled by this but I’m not a stupid person, I managed to get out of the subway and walk the remaining way to the office. I wasn’t as productive today as I might normally have been but my mind was whirring.

I have been leaning to living outside of the city for a while; this pushed me a bit further in that direction. When life is a little slower you don’t have the same level of pressure under most circumstances. I was also amazed by the massive impact that one person in a selfish act can have. I know that I am probably going to offend someone but the act was very selfish. Rather than trying to find a way to resolve the problem they found a way out that would impact as many people as possible. The level of the impact was that 5 people at my office were delayed or knew about something that had happened. Two of them were late and one had to walk about 4 miles in the pouring rain. Let alone the poor people who had to witness this (some of whom I think may have been friends).

I will never forget the looks on their faces.

I do not want to diminish this person or their troubles but it amazes me that in our society a person can truly feel driven to the point of suicide. I am not talking about the petty impacts of cost and time delays. But what about the people who you are burdening with what you are doing? There are ways to get help. I hate to equate something like what happened today to persona finance but people get so far into debt that they contemplate suicide so it might be fitting.

If you can dig yourself into a huge financial goal all you have to do is ask for help and although people might not always be happy about it they are willing to help. Credit card companies will accept lowered interest rates and in many cases very small payments. You can find your way out of the hole that you are in. Financial problems are not the same as anything that a person contemplating suicide is going through but the help is there.

US Suicide Hotline

Canadian Suicide Hotline

I’m not familiar with all the possible numbers but like with any problems in life there are people who have been there and can help.

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