Knowing your Limits

When someone asks me if I know my limits I fondly think back to math class in high school but when that thought fades it’s replaced by a fuzzy blob. I would like to think that I personally know my limits but there are so many that we can be talking about. In our hectic lives knowing where to draw the line is often more important than the things you’re trying to accomplish.

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while I have been rather absent in the past few months; posting irregularly and not reading other blogs very much. This has been on purpose. I know that I can keep the blog up and write regularly, it might cut into a few other things I’m doing, but I can do it. So the first question that comes to mind is why am I not writing? The answer is simple: I know my limits. If I were to keep going on too many things at once none of them would be done nearly as well if I were to concentrate on any of them. So when I was faced with the too many things to do at once I cut back on a few things including this blog. Thankfully I have managed to trim out and finish up some of those other time consuming tasks and I can go back to concentrating on this blog.

If you don’t know your limits and you keep taking on more tasks than you can conceivably finish you risk burning out and not accomplishing any of them. The perfect analogy for me when it comes to knowing your limits is the gym. If you haven’t gone for a while and have a good work out you will inevitably be sore the next day. Now if you were to keep going back day after day making the workout longer and harder you would in all likelihood hurt yourself. Taking on too much in every day life is not much different but rather than hurting yourself physically you end up mentally burnt out and tired.

Knowing where your limits lie allows you to not get burned out, overextended and just generally overworked. It also applies to your finances but this is something that a lot of people tend to forget and ignore. If people knew their limits with their money there would be a lot fewer people living from pay to pay. Knowing your limits allows you to reap the benefits to not taking on too much, not spending too much and in general being able to accomplish more. By doing less at once you can accomplish more.

If you do anything in excess it can very quickly become a bad thing even when it started out as a good thing. History is loaded with examples of this so I won’t go into details. There are many benefits to knowing where your limits are be they physical, mental, or financial.

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  1. Hi,
    I can related to your post. For me I sometimes, know that the limit of what I can do and can’t. However, saying “no” to people who what’s things done is something I am struggling with 🙂


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