Starting off the New Year right!

I have always believed that New Years resolutions are destined for failure because of the artificial nature associated with any changes we decide upon. Why would you need to wait till January 1st or even January 2nd to actually make any changes in your life? If something was important enough for you to make changes about it then you could start them on any day of the year.

That does not mean that this time of year isn’t good for reflection. Many people are off during this time of year and spending time with loved ones. This inevitably leads to having some time to think about what happened in the previous year and what will be coming up in the New Year. Leo over at Zenhabits posted a great article about 7 Essential Tips to Make 2008 Your Best Year Ever and the article really struck home. During this time of reflection we can analyze what went right and what went wrong in our previous year. But most importantly Leo’s article points to some of the changes we can make to improve our upcoming years.

The air of simplifying runs through the article as does singletasking both of which I really appreciate and believe in. If we look at what we did last year and how we lived our lives and simplified them, reduced the number of goals that we took on and trimmed them down we would in all likelihood end up more productive and happier. From a strictly monetary point of simplifying would allow us to spend less on the frivolity that takes up too much of our time.

For me personally a lot of what Leo talks about in his post is something that I was intending on doing but he just happened to articulate it perfectly. I think rather than making arbitrary resolutions and dramatic changes taking small changes and integrating them into your life will have more of a lasting impact.

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