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A week ago today I was let go from my job. Unfortunately I’ve spent most of the week trying to get over a bout of the flu rather than relax a little. When life throws us these little curve balls it makes sense to stop and look at what happened and why. To analyze where you’ve been so you can take the proper next steps. I started this process this week.

The very first step was to pull back a little and not be too concerned about the money or what am I going to do. I’m glad the parting was a good one because I don’t want to try dealing with the negative emotions that can be brought on by that. This first step was to stop what I was doing, accept the fact that everything has changed and start figuring out the next steps.

It was time to detox a little; no I didn’t go on a bender trying to drink the last year into a comatose memory, but slowing down does let you get some of the pent up stress out of your system. The last year was stressful but I learnt a great deal; probably more than I have in the last five when it comes to managing and running a business. Not only did I learn a great deal about the world of running a small entrepreneurial business I learned a great deal about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and most importantly my desires, but that self-analysis is another post.

For now I need to figure out the next steps. Because I have the luxury of a little time I’m going to take baby steps in a couple directions. The first direction is in the job search; the job market in my area and occupation is pretty good right now. Unfortunately that doesn’t guarantee that it will continue to be this way. I’ve cleaned up my resume and its time to polish it up a bit more and post it on a few job sites. This is to get a good lay of the land and to see what the job market is really like and what I can expect.

Taking the first job that comes by just to be employed isn’t something that I’m looking to do right now. I want to make sure that the next job I take is one that is a good fit for me as well as one that is challenging but not insanely stressful. Essentially I want to find the right job, not just any job. As I go through the process I’ll post my thoughts and experiences.

The second direction that I wanted to go in the next little bit is setting up my side business. I had the idea back in October and I’ve been slowly working on setting it up since then. But when you’re tired from work and mentally drained there isn’t going to be great progress. Now is the time to truly get this up and running; heck if it works out I might not need to go back into a full time job unless I really want to. This whole process is completely new to me; thankfully other bloggers have and I can learn from them.

The net result of my next steps will be to figure out where I am and where it is I really want to go. I don’t want to take the first job that comes up and I don’t want my side project to be a perpetual side project. The next couple weeks will be interesting as I start interviewing and looking around the job scene as well at the same time figuring out all of the stuff for setting up a side business. I’ll keep you posted; it should be a lot of fun.

4 thoughts on “Next Steps”

  1. Sorry about the flu, and sorry about the job! You sound like you have a pretty clear vision of how to proceed. I think you might even be a little bit excited about the potentiality of what lies ahead…
    God Bless you in whatever you choose!!!

  2. Hey Matt, I haven’t checked your blog for a few days, and just saw about your layoff. Sorry to hear about what has happened. I can sympathize because cuts are in the air at my job too.

    I think this is a good opportunity to branch out and get the side business up and running. I have some ideas for my own side business, and I know that I would go for it if something happened to my day job. I’m almost hoping that I do get a nice severance package, because I have a lot of good ideas, but my day job is enormously draining, and I just don’t have time to dedicate to anything else.

    Whatever happens, don’t waste this opportunity. Take a week or so to relax and get your bearings, and then dedicate yourself to making new things happen.

    You can do it…. Best of luck!

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