Job Search Series – Introduction

Job Search Series - Introduction

As some of you know from my posts about loosing my job and next steps I’m currently in the job market. Although I’m not aggressively trying to find a job just yet myself I have been in this situation before and I figured it was about time to write a post on the matter. After making some notes this quickly turned into a series of ideas for posts, which I’ve decided pull together into a series on starting your job search.

Most of the readers of this site and most personal finance sites in general rely on their day jobs for the majority of their income. Having a steady job is a very important thing and having a steady job that you like would be a bonus.

There are many times in our careers when we might be in the situation where we are looking for work. These situations can range from being laid off or let go to being upset with our jobs and wanting to find something better. Unfortunately when we are starting to look for another job many of us have been out of the market for so long that we don’t know where to begin.

The following is a series of steps that I’ve followed in the past and I’m starting to work through for my current job search (each will be a subsequent post in the series):

Now I know a bunch of people who just jump into step number 3 or start with step number 7; these steps aren’t necessarily supposed to be followed in the order I’ve outlined. Some people will understand quite well where they’ve been and what they want, treat this as an example of what has worked for me.